On September 30, 2016, the Saint Padre Pio de Pietrel Foundation in João Pessoa received Love Together Brazil for the realization of the Community Project Sons of Mercy. The Saint Padre Pio de Pietrel Foundation (Sons of Mercy Community) develops the work of evangelization, welcoming, educating and restoring the lives of children and mothers from fragmented families. They were delivered 15 mattresses, 50 sheets, toiletries, oral hygiene, dental materials, toys, clothes, psychological care, dental care (brushing and fluoride application) and oral health guidelines with dentists voluntary, children will receive treatment in Dental office (fillings, extractions and cleaning), painting of the dormitories. In addition, the adolescents in the community benefited from a garden for training, knowledge and important information on health and the domestic economy in garden construction.

PLACE: Saint Peter’s Foundation Pio de Pietrel in João Pessoa

Children have learned the correct way to brush their teeth, donated kits have provided them with a better personal and oral hygiene, mattresses, sheets, toys, painting of dormitories will stimulate social coexistence, dental treatment increasing self-esteem, Will educate adolescents and bring important knowledge and information to health and the domestic economy in the construction of vegetable garden, promoting actions of food education, aiming at raising the level of health of children and adolescents, through a healthy diet, with high nutritional value and low cost.

INVOLVED: Community attended by the Universal Evangelical Church of the Children

Psychologist coordinator:
Igor Andrade

Volunteer Psychologists:
Larissa Vidal

Dentist Coordinator:
* Juliana Dias

Dentists Volunteers:
* Victor Zaccara
* Laydianne
* Dalva Gonçalves
* Tânia Carvalho
* Diosmar Dias
* Thaís Vidal
* Janaína Alcântara
* Manuela Gonçalves
Anna Gabriela

* Simone Soares
* Teresa Carvalho
* Tereza Neiva
* Karla Loureiro
* Symony Miguel
* Maysa Sancleia
* Mário Bernardes
* Marianna Vieira
* Luciana Vieira
* Lucas Oliveira
* Regina Vasconcelos
* Sarah Medeiros

PARTNERS: Flora Paraíba, Plumatx, Trussardi, Restaurant Boi Bumbar, Doceria Salgattore, Bakery Bomfim.