maio 23, 2017 Off Por Love Together Brasil

The self-esteem project was aimed at 500 public school adolescents from the city of Umbuzeiro, Paraíba. Workshops were held with Beauty Artist, Edu Hyde, on beauty, training and professional motivation, Dr. Flávia Lira Diniz – Specialist Physician in Dermatology, Master and Face Plastic Surgery at USP, gave a workshop on: Daily care with beauty, The presence of the international model Patricia Beck and a parade of the Custom Fashion Project, the adolescents also received coercions of clothes and makeup. Within this project the makeup artist Edu Hyde is developing the Young Apprentice project that aims at the inclusion of young people in the beauty market Project “Self-esteem” has as its focus to rescue the self-esteem of needy adolescents and inclusion of young people in the beauty market.

LOCATION: Coronel Antônio Pessoa- Umbuzeiro School – PB

In adolescence there are innumerable changes that often appear to be a great test for self-love. The self-esteem project worked on aspects of identity, valorization of creative potential and elevated self-esteem of adolescents, contributing to the development of a critical awareness and revealing beauty. The contest “Customized Fashion” promoted the creativity, art, sustainability and interaction between teachers and students.

INVOLVED: Maria Pessoa Cavalcante School and Municipal Nursery Terezinha Lins Pessoa

IDEAL: Edu Hyde and Dr. Flávia Lira Diniz
Godmother: Paricia Beck

Marne Targino, Maitê Targino, Duda Carvalho Maysa Sancleia, Symony Miguel, Luciana Vieira,, Luciete A. Carvalho, Luciana Vieira, Mariana Vieira, Júnior Belo, Daguia Santos de Alencar, Daniele Abilio.

Photographer: Thiago Sales

PARTNERS: Generalle, Berílis Women’s Shoes, Many Store, Bob Store-JP, Vult Cosmetics, Natura and Luck Receptive.

INVOLVED: Love Together Volunteers Brazil