DATE: 11/20/2016

Project “Self-esteem” has been rescuing the self-esteem of adolescents from Paraíba. In adolescence there are innumerable changes that seem to be a great test for self-esteem, many times prejudice, low self-esteem and lack of guidelines lead adolescents to failure and school drop-out, considering that school is a social space Privilege of building knowledge and fighting against all kinds of prejudice, especially race.
The Project ” Self-esteem, Black Empowerment ” has worked on aspects of identity, valorization of creative potential and elevation of self-esteem of Paraíba adolescents, contributing to the development of a critical conscience and revealing beauty.
The project ” Self-esteem, Black Empowerment ” had as target audience 60 adolescents from the Municipal School Luiz Caldas Sobrinho, Rural Area of ​​Piancó, high Sertão da Paraíba.

LOCATION: Luiz Caldas Sobrinho Municipal School, Zona Rural de Piancó- PB

With the completion of the project the students received donations of clothing and the opportunity to deepen the contributions of Africans to the development of humanity and the illustrious figures who stood out in the struggles in favor of the black people, the importance of African culture in the market of Fashion, black empowerment, self-esteem and racism.

INVOLVED: Luiz Caldas Sobrinho Municipal School, Zona Rural de Piancó- PB

MOTHER: Patricia Beck

Mayrla Vasconcelos, Edvaldo Junior, Symony Miguel, Maysa Sancleia, Mirela Soiane, José Marcos Avilino, Rivaele Castro, Pâmella Keylla Inês Remigio, Edilene Badú, Daguia Santos, Marne Targino, Regina Vasconcelos, Mario Bernardes, Luciano Gobbo, Rodrigo Robson, Ana Dalva Ribeiro, Fernanda Calfat, Rose Modugno, Denise Fasano, Deds Sotero, Luciana Vieira, Lucas Oliveira, Valéria Matias, Joedilma Medeiros, Tatá Timóteo, Jennifer Vitoria Lopes, Rosy Marry Pereira, Oscar Jorge Fariñon, Ayalla Justino.

PARTNERS: Jackie Shor, Ekuus, Makeup Homers, Village Hotel, Luck Receptive, VF2 – Creative Agency, TV Manaíra, Band, Junior Evangelista.